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Construction Claims Consultants Help Minimize Risks

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Claims from contractors and other individuals involved in large construction projects with your company can be managed successfully by construction claims consultants. Through construction project monitoring before and during construction, a consulting firm works with both the client and the contractors to ensure all legalities are met. This helps reduce the number of disputes filed against your company, and ensures debt recovery assistance in the event that a contractor or engineering company files a claim. By working internationally, construction consulting firms can give presentations, negotiate, and assist in arbitration with companies all over the world.

Hiring Help for Construction Project Management

Construction projects which are poorly managed can lead to a variety of future problems. Poor management can consist of improper fund allocation for projects, poorly scheduled timing for a specific project, or miscommunication with international clients that lead to disagreements and misunderstandings. Construction claims consultants can help prevent problems due to mismanaged projects by creating reports and documentation that monitor the ongoing results of a project.

Keeping the number of construction claims down is important to every engineering firm and contracting business. Having contracts that cover every needed detail is the key to successful transactions. You should choose a consulting firm which offers contract services performed by an experienced contract specialist. The consulting service should be able to negotiate contracts, re-negotiate contracts, draft the proper documents, and provide consistent advice on proper contract terms.

Construction Debt Recovery and Claims Defence

Debt recovery is a large problem in the construction industry. With many UK construction firms utilising the concept of retention when dealing with finances, contractors and subcontractors may complete a large part of the work without being paid beforehand. While there will be a contractual agreement about retention monies and when it’s released by the hiring firm, many construction workers find themselves needing legal assistance to obtain the retention monies in a timely manner. A construction consulting firm can help your company obtain retention money without the need for a lengthy court hearing.

The most profitable way to do business in the construction industry is to avoid having to file or receive claims. However, the extent to which accidents occur and projects run over schedule, claims seem inevitable in the construction industry.

It’s important that you choose construction consultants who have the experience and knowledge to not only prepare and file claims on your behalf, but to provide a proper defence on claims received against your company. Depending on the dollar amount of the claim, consultants can work directly with developers and contractors to negotiate and help arbitrate claims, or work with insurance adjustors to help manage million or billion dollar construction claims. Trusting construction claims consultants with project management and debt recovery means your company can focus on developing and building without getting sidetracked by legal matters.

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Management Consulting – New Horizons

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Consultancy is all about using the knowledge, expertise and experience to guide others to achieve their goals. Management consulting is about guiding the management of an organization on the current and future problems and opportunities related to its structural and functional aspects. From the routine processes to strategic decisions, consultancy has wide area of operations.

Some Of The Key Functional Areas That It Deals With Are:

a) Managing The Change: Business environments are dynamic, based on a number of internal and external factors. Any change in these environments affects the business requiring corrections at lower, middle and/or top level. Managing the change is about its quick anticipation and developing the capabilities of organization to accept the change. It prevents the losses and the element of risk that the change may bring.

b) Business Transformation Outsourcing (BTO): Professional organizations know what their core competencies are. With increasing wave of globalization, many corporations felt the need to focus only on their core competencies and outsource their other activities. Thereby, they reduced the costs and became more competitive. Consulting identifies what shall be outsourced, to which location and how can this be beneficial for organization.

c) Human Resource: It encompasses the domain of usual activities like recruitment, staffing, compensation and benefits, health and safety, social welfare, labor relations, compliance with the labor laws of the land, etc and also concerning the growth and development of the employees.

d) Executive Coaching: It is important for the executives at all levels to be educated and trained in new processes, technologies and knowledge areas to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. The consultancy can help in designing the suitable on-going and need-based ad-hoc programs for each level.

e) Customer Relationship (CRM): CRM is not just about having an executive at the phone to answer the queries. In reality, there is a need to integrate the marketing plans, sales efforts, manufacturing and/or services with the consumer feedback and queries. Apart from this, the customer needs to have the facility of communicating via multiple media and receiving appropriate solutions as soon as possible. Further, the consulting companies can also outline the suitable PR exercises for different types of customers.

f) Advertising: There are many media of advertising. The online media refers to the internet-based advertising. It is done by way of pay per click (PPC), Search engine Optimization (SEO), Email advertisements, etc. There are also offline channels like TV, Radio, Newspapers, Billboards, etc. Not surprisingly, therefore, an organization may not know which channels to use and when to use these for advertising. Management consulting develops effective advertisement plans in accordance with the short and long term objectives of the organization and guides it on the timings to launch these. It can also develop measures to evaluate the efficacy of these programs.

g) Finance: It is a step ahead of usual accountancy. Consultancy in this field is about interpretation of financial statements, how to raise the debt or equity from appropriate mediums, planning of the investments and covering the losses that may happen due to fluctuations in exchange rates, interest rates, etc.

Management consulting is a magic wand to make a substantial turnaround in an organization.

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How Anyone Can Be an Offline Business Consulting Specialist

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The Internet is increasingly being used not only for conducting online business but for marketing and advertising offline establishments and professional services as well.

As the Internet has become an important aspect of almost everyone’s life, it is a powerful medium for attracting potential clients and promoting business to a wide audience.

Offline business owners recognize this and are turning to experts in online marketing to take care of their needs, creating a huge demand for offline business consulting specialists.

Being an expert Internet marketer will be an advantage for offline business consultants but almost anyone with a drive to learn and some business skills can engage in offline business consulting as well.

Getting started

There are many aspects of online marketing that you can learn from an expert, mentor, coach and even on your own through a home study course. The key is to have access to a fast system that teaches everything you need to learn about a service you would like to provide such as:

* Website building
* SEO or traffic generation
* Lead conversion
* Content writing and management

You need not be an expert in all these services to be able to land your first few clients. You can choose one service and put all your efforts into developing the skills for it and eventually become a specialist. As you gain more experience and techniques to add to your portfolio, you can then provide a full-service offline business consulting package to your clients. Or simply outsource these tasks to another professional and take a finders fee for your efforts.

What you will need

You will be your best asset in this business. All you need to start is a computer, an internet connection, and a list of prospective clients.

Cold calls to people on your contact list are a great way to start because you may never know who among your friends and colleagues need your services unless you let them know what you can do for them. You can also ask for referrals to expand your contacts database and pinpoint your target market to improve your success rate. Many consultants find this alone is enough to keep them busy for months on end.

Importance of discipline

While you may enjoy freedom, independence and mobility by being an offline business consulting specialist, you should still practice traditional business habits like maintaining a daily schedule, time management, skills development, and record keeping.

Developing your own system for doing regular tasks like billing, sending updates, responding to clients, sending sales letters, and monitoring projects will present advantages of having more free time, generating new clients, better performance and client satisfaction.

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Role and Importance of Outsourcing Consultants

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Outsourcing consultants plays a vital role when companies plan to outsource complicated large projects or when offshore outsourcing is considered. The need of an expert is felt because companies either lack the expertise or skills necessary to overlook project implementation, or may want to draw upon the experience of independent and unbiased people. Depending on the nature and complexity of the project, the consultant can play the roles of a facilitator, contributor, trouble shooter, negotiator, or that of an impartial watch dog.

Outsourcing consultants normally have considerable experience of project management in their respective fields, such as human resources, information technology, finance and accounting, real estate facilities management, logistics, manufacturing, etc. Some may have experience from several fields. However, it is their connectivity with the prospective vendors coupled with negotiation and project management skills that substantially add to their value.

Selection of a good consultant is the vital first step. An ideal consultant would be the one who is capable of doing the intended project himself, because he has done similar projects before. So, he is an expert in that field. This individual can help the company define the project clearly and advise on the gains arising out of outsourcing. THey will also work out details of the manner of implementation and quality checks of deliverables.

On the other end of the table, these individuals will ensure that the vendor has necessary technical capability and infrastructure to complete the project and to ensure after sales service. In addition they will help negotiate the deal to the satisfaction of both the parties. Skillful outsourcing consultants look for ways to negotiate rather “user friendly” terms of contract that provide scope for change and adjustments as the project goes along. This creates a more collaborative and accommodative relationship between the company and the vendor. It also facilitates incorporation of novel and better ideas whenever they spring up from any side.

The role of the outsourcing consultants becomes all the more crucial for offshore outsourcing when the vendors belong to a totally different work culture. Their major task becomes ensuring effective communication between two culturally dissimilar entities – which is more like a cultural translator, more so in the beginning. For the outsourcing company, they becomes the vital multipurpose trouble shooter. This adds to the burden of the consultant – assuring both quality and timely delivery becomes their sole responsibility. Being aware of the expertise as well as limitations of the local vendors, they have to not only ensure quality of deliverables but also help resolve newer issues along the way.

Outsourcing consultants are valuable for other reasons too. In addition to introducing you with the quality vendors, they can keep you out of “the danger zone”, particularly if you haven’t outsourced before; they can help you select the right projects or processes for outsourcing so that you get maximum benefits. You and your organization gain a fresh way to look at management of outsourced projects from experts. In the fast changing world of business outsourcing, the importance of consultants is going to stay; only their role will get bigger.

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Who Are the Ethicists and When Are Ethical Consultations Appropriate?

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It appears that in the real world as opposed to the insular world of academia, those on the ethics firing line are the ones doing the real work of medicine – i.e., the physicians and nurses. Bioethics is best done by those who encounter these real-life issues on a regular basis, out in the world. Academics can talk and write at length and at their leisure, but there is no substitute for actual experience.

Of course, a well-rounded ethics consultation team could include an attorney familiar with ethical principles and conflicts, as well as community leaders. A philosopher might be valuable is she has experience with real people. And a theologian would be valuable is she is a skilled communicator, and likewise familiar with ethical principles and conflicts.

An ethics consultation can be called-in by a hospital or health care facility administrator, physicians and nurses in charge of the patient, the patient, and any of the patient’s immediate family. The patient’s attorney, also, could call-in an ethics consult.

However, it’s not appropriate or even safe to pull the Emergency Cord on a speeding train when you discover you left your car keys at home. It’s important for an ethics consultation request to be based on substantive issues or needs, but some individuals might request a consult merely because they’re angry or frustrated. In such circumstances a skilled ethics consultant could calm things down quickly and get everyone back to the business of caring for the patient.

Concerns regarding autonomy and respect for persons represent appropriate criteria for an ethics consult. When a competent elderly person refuses artificial nutrition, in opposition to physicians’ orders, questions of autonomy are raised. A parent requesting removal of life support from a nonresponsive child – after a brief period of therapy – likewise raises questions of autonomy, as well as other ethical issues.

Additional criteria relate to questions of beneficence/nonmaleficence. A 65-year-old diabetic female refuses an above-the-knee amputation, raising questions of both autonomy and beneficence. The wife of a comatose motorcycle accident victim wants his respirator turned off. He has a C2/C3 fracture and is quadriplegic. She “knows he would not want to live like this” – these are questions of autonomy and beneficence.

Distributive justice is another key area of ethical concern. Who gets to receive and/or utilize scarce medical resources? A serious highway accident results in 20 victims, five of whom have lost a lot of blood by the time the EMTs arrive. Two of the injured require two units each of AB negative blood. The med tech team only has two units on board. An ethics consult team might be called-in after the fact to review the EMTs decision-making and protocols.

Ethics consultations may be called-in merely for low-level conflict resolution – i.e., two sides butting heads. It seems such conflicts could be resolved quickly without wasting precious resources.

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