How To Become Wardrobe Consultants

Having a career where you have the power to tell people what clothes to wear and how to wear them right is indeed a great way to make a living! If this is a profession that you love to do, then you might very well become one of the best wardrobe consultants that the fashion industry can have. Wardrobe consultants are also known by other names such as fashion consultants, image consultants, personal image consultants or corporate image consultants. On the other hand, this profession is becoming more and more popular not only in the fashion industry but also in the business world.

How to become a wardrobe consultant?

To become a wardrobe consultant you need to get some education first in the field of fashion design, then have some working experience in the clothing or the fashion industry. Your learning and experience needs to include a complete and comprehensive understanding of the female body proportions and how to choose adequate style and cuts for different types of body shapes. Moreover, you should know also how to mix-and-match colored outfits and how to use the right shoes and accessories. Lastly, as you’ll become an expert in providing sound advices regarding colors, designs, and clothing style that will make any person appears in his or her most flattering image, you need to keep an eye on the latest trend and fashion.

What will the job of a wardrobe consultant really involves?

As a fashion expert, you will help your clients build an essential wardrobe collection that will be convenient for different occasions. Furthermore, the wardrobe needs to be coordinated and interchangeable which will help your clients find instantly what to wear for any formal or informal occasion. You need to be a keen observer and understand that since every person has different personality and style, especially when it comes to fashion, you need to first identify the type of character of your clients then create a style that suits their personality, lifestyle and budget.

On the other hand, make sure to always take care of your look and image. Your potential clients will undoubtedly assess your skills from the way you look. Besides, like any other job, you need to communicate smoothly and effectively with your clients and be a good listener too to understand their needs and requirements to meet their expectations and make them look in their best image.

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